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How to Add Custom Text To Your Teachable Footer

Need to add a disclaimer or some small print to your school? Teachable allows you to add links to your footer, but not a lot else. So if you want to add any text to your footer, you need to add a little but of custom code. Here's how. Highlight and copy this code to your clipboard. Then follow the instructions underneath on where to paste it.

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How to Crop Teachable Grid Images To Equal Heights

Struggling to get the images in your 'Text With Image Grid' blocks to line up? Since Teachable doesn't resize these images for you when you upload them, you usually need to crop them before or during the upload process to prevent the block looking messy. But there's a way to do this automatically with some custom CSS, so that the images line up nicely no matter what dimensions you upload.

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How to Make Your Teachable Banner Block Smaller

When you add a banner block to your page on Teachable, it might end up taking up the majority of your page. On some devices, it can be far too big.

That's because the styling code for the block defaults to trying to fill 70-90% of the height of your screen. So the bigger your device, the more overwhelming the banner block can be.

If you want to make it smaller, you need to add a little bit of styling code (called CSS) to your school.

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How Are People Joining My School Without Buying Anything?

Are you getting email notifications saying that someone has signed up for your school... but there's no revenue showing up in your dashboard? Confused? So are many of our clients. Here's what's happening. There are a few ways someone can join your Teachable school.

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10 Proven Ways to Validate Your Online Course Idea

It’s easy to spend a lot of time and money on course creation… but how do you validate your online course idea before going through all that heartache?

In this post, we’ll cover ten proven ways to test whether your online course will be a winner. Including hands-on tech advice on how to set up each validation method.